Maria Kruczek

Maria Kruczek, MBA, owner of Projekt Mentor. I have been for over 15 years

associated with the world of business and business mentoring. Issues

sales are extremely close to me, because in each of the 5 companies that

I was driving was a key success factor. After a few years of running

of sales activities, I decided to organize my knowledge with the appropriate ones

courses and studies, so now I can confidently help our clients.

I specialize in sales audits and building sales strategies

in companies, creating sales departments from scratch, but also introducing

new products on the market. Sales optimization is a key factor

the success of the companies I care for. I help clients make key business decisions based on established knowledge. As a business mentor, I have been with owners for years, advising, guiding, asking thought-provoking questions. I like selling myself very much, that's why you will probably meet me using the services of Projekt Mentor. In addition, I coordinate every business process that my business partners conduct for my clients. I help individual clients successfully shape their career path, find their dream job or open companies. The best indicator of my effectiveness are long-term relationships with clients and the referral system, thanks to which we acquire new clients.

The mission of the organization that I create is to provide the highest quality services, business education and support.

Dagmara Mańka

Middle business specialist

I appreciate multitasking, but combined with great precision.

This is probably why I have been cooperating with the financial industry so often for almost 10 years.

I like to talk, but I also focus on careful listening, which is why I actively sell

and I train sales always being close to her, because I know that she thinks for a reason

it is considered the most important skill of the future. Thanks to this, I was able to pursue

unique projects such as the sale of luxury real estate

(words of appreciation for Cosmopolitan investments) and cooperation with corporations

while optimizing the costs of banking services (I would like to thank Mbank for their trust).

I focus on continuous development and learn from the best, so I'm sure of my own, but also as flexible as possible. And above all and above all, I am demanding, always starting with myself I am guided by the principle that everything is based on relationships. Due to this approach, he cooperates with Ms Maria, whose commitment and sincere willingness to help translate into long-term business relationships.

Piotr Mastalerz
My passion is creating, implementing and monitoring processes

sales, with which I have been involved as an intern for over 20 years

and inspire business owners, managers and traders in appointing

and achieving their goals and the goals of their organization. I simplify and quantify

processes in organizations. I use many years of experience in my work

experience of a person appointed to positions of responsibility

for supervising the change processes: trainer / training manager -
introducing new products, HR director - restructuring of process management
personnel in the company, deputy commercial director - introducing a new, original,
sales management system, business advisor - creating business strategies.
I have over 20 years of coaching practice, over 8,000 hours of training and
over 5,000 people who have used my competences.
My knowledge is supported by hundreds of hours that I have spent in training rooms as theirs
participant, as well as studies in the field of employee competency management.




Edyta Wojnarowska

Love for numbers from an early age of my life directed my career path.

Studies (accounting and controlling) allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge

incl. in the field of financial analysis, which I currently use on a daily basis in

work for an international corporation. I support the Mentor project from the side

technical by creating files that enable optimization of processes and raise

management efficiency (business plans, budgets, controlling sheets).

Weronika Król

Middle business mentor

My activities in Projekt Mentor are focused on process improvement

inside and outside the company. Assistance in carrying out activities

Maria's business and ensuring the smooth functioning of the office is mine

everyday duties. I have been involved in the advertising industry for four years,

I am currently studying business psychology. With a passion for public relations.

I transform my creativity and freshness of mind into acting on

on the professional and private level. Help in running the campaign

advertising and marketing strategies is a real pleasure.

Together with Maria Kruczek, we support companies in achieving business results.




Human Resources, HCIT Masters

As specialists in the recruitment of top-level employees, we support Project Mentor in selecting the best candidates for key positions in companies. Thanks to many years of experience in the HR industry, we shorten the time of acquiring the best candidates, we reduce unnecessary costs related to recruitment within companies. My knowledge in the field of human resources allows me to propose the best candidates, and my extensive knowledge of the market, to set fair remuneration rates.




Magdalena Kaleta-Gałwa

Certified coach and trainer, practitioner and Master NLP. My career has been for 15 years

is related to the business world. I successfully manage sales and

sales teams. I was a participant in the Inclusive program

Leaders Workshop. I have been running trainings and workshops for clients for 10 years
individual and business. I am the author and content supervisor

study programs
postgraduate - Mediations and negotiations with elements of psychology, and

-Sales management with marketing elements.

I graduated from MA studies in political science and postgraduate studies

Psychology in business as well as Coach and trainer - development partner at

Higher European School of Fr. J. Tischner in Krakow.
I am a certified and certified business trainer - I graduated from the School of Business Trainers run by GT Mentor as part of the Training Masters Academy project.
The scope of my practical training includes, among others : sales, customer service, time management, communication, assertiveness, team management, coaching and coaching management style, recruitment, team building, savoir vivre in sales and business meetings,
SPIN selling, NLP and everything related to these issues.