The best business or self development coach?

How to find a good coach? Hope this article will be a good guide for you in finding the best business or personal development coach.

All of us would like to have the best coach, yes? It hard to find one?
Maria Kruczek, how to find the best coach

Who is a coach?

There are many different types of coaches, from development coaches to business to productivity, fitness, leadership and many more.

"The possibilities are endless, but regardless of the niche, the goal of coaching is to help, support and advise - sharing insights, strategies and tactics that allow clients to develop self-confidence, grow and achieve the desired results" -

A coach is someone who sees you and your business from the outside.

"We have a very isolated view of our world - the coach is able to take a more objective view of where we can improve and grow."

The main purpose of coaching is to help someone work towards achieving a specific goal. Usually your trainer will work with you to discover any mental blockages or self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, help you create a strategy that suits you, and make you responsible for taking action.

Note: Coaching is not about telling you what to do or who to be; rather, it is an outstretched helping hand that equips you with the right tools to develop solutions based on who you are and what you believe is real.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Good question as these two things are often confused. In short, coaching looks to the future while therapy looks to the past.

So what is coaching?

As above, it depends on the coach and what you intend to achieve, but most forms of coaching will involve setting goals, working on skill development, and identifying gaps in your competencies.

The key thing about coaching is that it is not a universal service; it is either designing individual guidance along the path a person wants to go, or encouraging and supporting along the way, and enabling results to be achieved.

Aren't all coaches qualified?

Short answer: unfortunately not. There are still many institutions that purportedly offer coaching courses, but that in itself can be a bit of a minefield as the quality of their services is mediocre. There are courses and providers that offer weekend qualification training. It is really not enough to be called a coach! The best courses are typically those that require a minimum of six months of study and a significant number of hours coaching, such as 100 to 500 hours. In addition, I believe that the coach's experience is of key importance in coaching. Simply, the practice of coaching is very important, because the best coach simply knows what works and what does not.

Besides, the coach profession is not legally regulated. Health coaches, the business coaching and life coaching sectors are currently unregulated without a governing body, meaning anyone can call themselves a coach without any training or experience. While most do not intend to cheat, the industry is open to abuse, if only for profit.

So if you are looking for the best business or personal development coach, find out who he has already helped and how many years of experience he has. You can also always make an appointment with such a specialist for an interview to get to know each other and just after such a meeting, decide if there is this "energy" between you (it happens that it is not there, and that's OK !, I think that a good coach it will also direct you to someone who can really help you if they feel they are not right for you).

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