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Coaching price list:
  • Career coaching -80 USD per 1 session, 720 USD per 10 sessions (last session free)
  • High Performance coaching- 100 USD per session, usually 6 sessions needed.
  • Self development coaching 70 USD per session.
The session time is 75 minutes.
When creating an offer for my clients, I tried to be as flexible as possible. You don't have to spend a lot of money to invest in your development!

I conduct consultations via skype, face time, messenger or by phone. If you want to choose the date of the meeting right away, please check my calendar of visits in calendly here:

At the end of the first meeting, we will jointly establish an action plan for the next weeks. There is a possibility of installment payments. All subsequent meetings must be paid for before they can be held. I thank all my clients for their understanding in this matter.

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